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Difficulty prioritizing self care

As a human being living in this society it is challenging to show up for your self when so much is vying for your attention.

Showing up is a big deal.

Some us struggle to feel worthy. Some of us struggle financially.

Some of us struggle to find the time or energy.

However, Self care IS NOT A LUXURY. It's NECESSITY. It's ESSENTIAL. And when we don't get it, we feel depleted, run down, and stressed out. What does self care mean to you? Is it bubble baths and facials? How do you fantasize about self care? It looks different for everyone. To some self care may mean turning on the TV and zoning out. To others it's sleeping in, staying up late, or going for a walk.

To me, self care shows up in many ways, but one of the biggest ways is my self healing practice. I take 5-10 minutes as needed to sit with myself and check in on my energy centers throughout my body. I am giving care and attention to myself. And sometimes I even get messages. For example, When I placed my hands on my heart today, I got the message that I am Love, I am worthy of love, I have love to give. This message comes to me as a knowing. We all have the knowing inside of us. We just need the time and space to hear it. Hence self care.

Love and Light, Nicole


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