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Before and After a Reiki Treatment

Most of my clients walk in the door distressed. Their face is tense, shoulders are up to their ears, breathing is shallow and the look in their eyes is concern. Sometimes the first words out of their mouth is "It's been a rough morning" or " I feel so emotional and stressed out"

My response is " You are in the right place. Would you like to share anything else? Let's get you on the table and feeling better"

Fast forward 60 minutes later..................

The client sits up from the table letting out a deep long breath and then I almost always hear the words " That was SO RELAXING" and "Wow, I feel so much better, lighter and peaceful"

The sparkle is back in their eyes. Face and shoulders are relaxed. The energy exuded is refreshed. "Wow!" they say, as they sip some water and tap into their awareness of the room.

We then chat about the experience and often talk about when the next appointment should be.

I get asked frequently " How often should I come in?" My answer is always the same. It's up to you and how you are feeling. I've had clients come back the next day, the next week and also monthly. We say our goodbyes and off they go.

As I drive home from the office I am filled with so much gratitude for the work that I get to do.

Blessed be!



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