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Meet Nicole

Nicole is a community-oriented certified Reiki practitioner and master-teacher dedicated to making holistic medicine affordable and accessible to all who seek it. ​ "My goal is to help you in an individualized way to heal and grow on your personal journey, creating empowerment and transformation in your daily life."  

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"Healing yourself is connected with healing others."

Yoko Ono

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Private Healing Session

Private sessions are tailored to your individual needs and include chakra balance, clearing of the auric field and energy grounding.

 Distance Healing Session

Enjoy 30 minutes of 'blissful relaxation' via telehealth with the potential benefits of increased comfort, increased calm, and a greater sense of inner peace. Custom digital affirmation card included.

Certification classes

Supportive, thorough certification training for Level 1, Level 2, and Master Level with ongoing mentoring.

~Misty M.

I went in with my emotions all over the place. I left feeling calm and hopeful. If I could go every week I would. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

~Yvette M.

"I came home and took a nap, a long one several hours long! It was so nice because I can't ever nap during the day. I am so glad I had this work done. Grateful for you!."

~Darcie C.

“I've had 2 sessions with Nicole so far and both have been amazing! I cried both times, being able to focus and feel what the sessions and Nicole both provide. Her energy and warmth is so beautiful. I highly recommend visiting.”
Certified Healers
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