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There was a time in my life that I wore my burnout as a badge of honor. I felt like the more I self-sacrificed the better of a person I was. Though it sounded noble to do what was for the greatest good of all, I found it to be a very slippery slope to self-deprivation. Just like the age old saying goes "you can't pour from an empty cup." There came a point that I realized I needed more from myself for myself. And that is when my self-care journey began. On a Tuesday in April of 2016 I walked in the doors of a support group. And I continued to walk in those doors every Tuesday for over a year. This gave me the confidence to continue to walk into the doors of new spaces and explore what was to be found. ME! I am healthier, more peaceful and a better me when I pay attention to what I NEED.

Discovering tools for my personal toolbox has been crucial to my self-love journey. The techniques I use in Reiki are key in my self-healing.


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